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Please note that trading cryptocurrencies is extremely risky! All content you find on this website is for informational purposes only and is not to be intended as a financial advise.

A new concept

TRSR is a BEP-20 token, an experimental coin with a new and innovative concept of DeFI yield generation.

2% fee is applied to each transaction (transfers, buy/sell trades). All fees collected constitute the treasure.

Whenever the amount collected is equal to 0.02 TRSR, 0.01 TRSR is automatically sent to a lucky, randomly selected address almost every minute. There is a 5% chance that the user will also receive 0.01 TRSR more.

All this repeats itself over and over again. It’s like a lottery but in this case you need to buy tickets only once.. and you can win several times, forever.

How to increase your chances

Basically a ticket is assigned to each transaction. You must spent in total at least 0.02 TRSR in fee to receive the treasure.

You get 1 new ticket for each token you transfer in total (max 2 tickets for a single transaction). The more transactions you make, the more chances you have to receive the treasure. You can be eligible every time you:

  • buy or sell tokens
  • send tokens to a different address
  • send tokens to yourself
  • provide and remove liquidity

Simple and sustainable: that’s why

This mechanism has been designed to distribute the generated wealth while preserving the value of the coin.

In this way the investor has a real incentive to hold and buy more over the long term.

The total supply is only 10,730 coins and we know how this can certainly affect the price of every single available token.

How TRSR is different..
Other frictionless mechanisms

Hold to earn more coins

Make transactions to earn more coins

Higher yield

Transaction fees

Get rewards after every transaction

No gas required to claim rewards

Low supply (every single coin is worth more)